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About The Brand.

DivinelyCROWN’D is a brand built on the belief that every woman is a Queen in her own right. Her life is her Queendom & she wears the crown on her own throne. This brand encourages self-love, self-care, and confidence through Faith, Life and Style. The goal is to inspire and encourage each and every woman that follows this brand to embrace the Divine Queens within themselves. As women we deal with so much on a daily basis and sometimes we forget to tell ourselves how amazing we are. Well guess what, here with DivinelyCROWN’D you will get all the encouragement and inspiration you need to promote taking time to love yourself and keep your crown held high.

About The CEO.

Davina is a faith, life and style influencer who prides herself on being a positive light in the lives of people around her. Growing up Davina had very low self esteem, so it made it hard for her to truly love herself. It wasn’t until she had her daughter in 2012 that she realized it was time for her to start learning to love herself so that she could be a positive role model for her daughter when it comes to self-love. She has always had a love and passion for fashion, but never felt confident enough to wear clothes that she liked due to up and down weight issues over the years. In October 2017 she decided to start an Instagram called DivinelyPLUS that would not only help her prove to herself that she could wear what she loved no matter her size, but she also wanted to encourage and inspire other women to do the same.

 As the first year of her blog went by Davina realized how much of an impact she was having on her followers and wanted to take things to the next level which is when DivinelyCROWN’D was born. Davina is on a mission to not only continue to inspire women to have self-love and confidence, but as a Christian millennial woman she is also on a mission to win souls to Christ. She strives daily to be the light of Christ through the things that she is passionate about and prays that this brand will help women to know that they are Royalty and not only crowned for their own Queendoms, but for the Kingdom of God as well.