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Queen take care of YOU! Here you will find  activities, tips, and advice that will help promote self-love and self-care into your daily life.

Self-Love & Self Care

Treat Yourself to Flowers.


Take time to treat yourself.Go to your local grocery store, florist, or garden and pick up some flowers to brighten up your day. You deserve all your flowers while you are still here.

Clear the Clutter


-Go through your camera roll and delete pictures you don’t need, like duplicates of the same picture (you know what I’m talking about those pictures that are the same but a bunch of different poses, Mhmm Queen you know I’m talking to you lol)

-Clear out your closet of old clothes you haven’t warn in years and know you don’t plan on wearing.Donate them to a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any of local clothing 2nd hand store. If you are in need ofa little extra cash you can even try to sell them to a consignment shop that buys use clothing.

-Grab your journal and write down thoughts that are clouding your mind.

Take Yourself on a Hot Date.


What better way to show yourself?some love this month than putting on your favorite dress or outfit and taking yourself to your favorite restaurant or trying a new restaurant out.

Create a Self Board.


As we continue to move through a new year it’s important to think about how you want to see yourself this year. Instead of just thinking about the things you want to accomplish on your vision board this year, take some time to create a "Self" board catered to how you want to see yourself  and even feel this year.  

Grab a mini canvas or construction paper from your local dollar store, cut out inspirational magazine clips, print and cut out some positive words, quotes and/or affirmations to create a collage. When you are finish hand it somewhere that you can constantly be reminded of the positive ways you chose to love and see yourself this year.

Date with Friends.


Plan a date with some of you favorite friend's.

Positive and healthy friendship are so important for self-care. Being able to be around people that value you is so special. If you don't have  these type of friendships, think about the ways you create your own tribe.

Dance Away the Pounds


Instead of the pressure of trying to get gym to work on getting in shape, try a different and even fun approach by putting on your favorite music and dancing the Lbs. away.  

Check out our Playlist Café for some Self-Love music vibes.  

Journal Prompts

Grab your favorite journal and write your heart out in response to these journal prompts. New prompt questions every month.

1. What are 5 activities you would like to try this year that you haven't tried in the past?

2. What is 1 unhealthy habit you have that you would like to change in 2023 to be a better you?

3. What is something from last year that you would like to let go of this year? What is the reason you want to let it go and how will you work towards letting it go?

    4. What is something that you are grateful for in this moment?Why?